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A.G.T.D General Import & Export, P.L.C mainly offer a wide range of conventional washed and unwashed Arabica Coffee types, Oil seeds & Pulses. Our Arabica coffee is aimed to win final roasters making the best cup in a global commodity market. The washed and unwashed coffee bought from Ethiopia Commodity exchange is categorized in the nationally regulated grades and classifications based on quality and origin.

Washed Coffee

• Yirgachefee • Sidamo • Limu • Bebeka • Teppi

Unwashed Coffee

• Harrar • Sidamo • Lekempti • Djimmah

Oil Seeds

• Sesame seeds • Niger Seeds • Soybeans


• Green Mung Beans • Horse Beans • Light Speckled Beans • Red Kidney Beans • White Kidney Beans • Kabuli Chickpeas • Desi Chickpeas

A.G.T.D General Import & Export, P.L.C is one of the pioneer companies in distributing a variety of Ethiopian Arabica coffee, oil seeds and pulses throughout the world

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